Andrei Khodakov

Andrei Khodakov graduated from the Moscow State University in 1987, received his PhD degree in 1991 from the Russian Academy of Sciences and his Habilitation (Dr Sci.) degree in 2002 from the University of Lille. In 1992-1999.

Dr. Andrei Y. Khodakov acquired experience in top academic and industrial institutions in the United States (UC Berkeley, LBNL, Sabic Technology Center), in France (IFP, ENSCP, LURE) and in the UK (University of Edinburgh, UMIST).

Currently Dr Khodakov is a CNRS Research Director and leader of Catalysis for Energy research group in the UCCS CNRS laboratory in the University of Lille. His research interests cover catalyst and reactor design aspects of conversion of fossil and renewable feedstocks, reaction mechanisms and kinetics, in situ and operando techniques. His team maintains on-going collaboration with several European countries, China and Brazil.